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During the 1st and 2nd of June the SPA Group celebrated its biannual fair in Valladolid, an event of integration and exchange of experiences between its commercial network, manufacturers and managers. The result reaffirms its slogan: For you, we are capable.

Value Tenemos un nivel óptimo de eficiencia que se refleja en la consistencia, estudio de costes, y puntualidad del servicio que prestamos.

Our business commitment leads our decisions and we work honestly to reach a better future and to increase safety and higiene at work. We provide creative proposals and do our best to ensure transparency in all our actions and we are focused on conservation and environmental aspects, we respect the social identity of employees and provide the best of our company to all our customers and all that without neglegting an unique environment for qualified people.

2+2 is way more than just 4
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